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J&J Specialties has had experience navigating many different types of projects. Working on jobs ranging from residential remodels to commercial roofing for the Department of the Army, the crew here at J&J strives for excellence and maintains the mindset that if it can be done, it will be done. Our customers are always guaranteed quality work. For over 20 years, J&J Specialties has provided distinguished work on many different types of projects.

Commercial Construction

J&J Specialties has experience doing work on Fort Greely/ Missile Defense for the Department of the Army, and the Department of Defense. The jobs have ranged from roofing to steel framing to window and door replacements.

Residential Construction

For J&J Specialties, residential construction goes back to its roots. Having over 20 years experience in this field, J&J has the abilities to build a house from the ground up. Starting with helping with the customers design, the ground work and foundation, to finishing with the interior flooring and finish work, it is all in J&J Specialties' wheel house.  

Insurance Jobs

J&J Specialties has been called many times to be the lead contractor on insurance projects. Whether your boiler backed up or your basement flooded, J&J has the ability to work with you and your insurance company to get it fixed in a quick and timely manner. 


Whether its the kitchen, bathroom, or office space that needs a face lift, J&J Specialties has you covered! With drywall, painting, flooring and finish work in their skill set, the crew at J&J can give you a quality remodel.

Snow Plowing

J&J Specialties also provides snow plowing services during winter months! We have available plow trucks, a skidsteer, and a loader so as to make no job too big to accomplish


J&J Specialties has had experience installing vinyl and metal siding. Working with our customers, J&J endevors to provide our customers with exactly what they want while staying within their budget. 

Steel Framing 

J&J Specialties has had experience with commercial steel framing projects. 

Window Installs

Window installs can be tricky, but with J&J on the job, its easy! They have had experience installing windows from the most straight forward designs to more complicated designs. 


J&J Specialties does their best to help customers achieve and layout their flooring plan, while maintaining their budget. J&J's crew are then excellent at taking customer's flooring plans and making them a reality.


In residential construction, roofing is a big part of finishing a house. J&J Specialties has the ability to make sure an airtight roof is​ completed for our customers 

Drywall and Painting 

Quality work is hard to come by, and second-class drywall and painting is not easy to fix. In light of this, J&J Specialties works to provide their customers with satisfactory work from start to finish.     


 J&J Specialties' roots are actually in wood working! Because of this, when it come to wood working project their expertise is evident. Whether it is a stand alone project, or part of a customers custom home, J&J Specialties has it covered. 


J&J Specialties has had experience with putting in septic systems for the residential homes they have built. No matter how challenging, the crew always finds a way to get it done.

Dirt Work

With multiple pieces of equipment on hand, J&J Specialties is able to complete a plethora of dirt working projects. Whether its land clearing, preparing a gravel pad for concrete, or back filling a septic, J&J has you covered! 

Cleaning and Janitorial

J&J Specialties also offers janitorial services for apartments, housing units, Army or Boeing housing and other units as well. 


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